Drone photography is rising in popularity nowadays because it can capture breathtaking photos, especially during weddings. But if you are still skeptical and puzzled about aerial photography then here are some things that can help you decide whether to include aerial drone photography for your wedding. 



If you are planning to hire a drone, you must ensure the safety above all things. Drones are like mini helicopters attached with cameras. There will be a greater risk of accidents if the drone operator is not properly trained. So it is beneficial to hire a drone service that is credible. Thankfully, there are many companies such as Brevard County Aerial Video that provides high-quality work. 

    Planning and Professionalism Required 

If the drone pilot is not properly trained, no safety plan, insurance, and extensive knowledge on how to operate a drone then he can be a risk to your wedding. You must ensure that your ground photographer works hand in hand with the drone flyer. It is advisable to sit down with both of them and discuss their plans; everyone must be on the same page. 

    Get Drone Insurance 

Your drone operator needs personal property and liability insurance for commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). This ensures that when someone or something gets hit, the operator, as well as the damaged object, is covered.  Double check and make sure that your drone pro’s taken the necessary safety precautions.  Don’t take the easy way out because it is better safe than sorry. 

    New Way to Capture Memories 

You must hire a drone photographer for the same reason you hire a photographer because you want to make sure that the pictures come out the best they can. Weddings are sacred events and there are no reshoots so it is crucial to capture unforgettable memories in the best way possible. Drones provide a new way to capture your nuptials and elevate your normal photos into amazing ones. 

    Take Advantage of Your Venue 

Drone shots can take dynamic and illustrative images and videos that portray the scope and scenic context of your wedding.  Drones offer unique and another perspective of the beautiful setting of your wedding.  It is an amazing way to take maximum advantage of the gorgeous place where you choose to have your wedding. 

    Impossible Made Possible 

You will be able to be creative with your wedding because drones are so versatile. You can gather your own guests on the venue and let them spell out words or any other fun ways. You can incorporate your creativity to determine the best shot possible. 

Drone shots are spectacular because of the contrast between the intimacies of those moments and the grandeur of the place makes it breathtaking and spectacular. 

Drones are tough machines, but they are still susceptible to heavy rain or strong wind. The good thing is that cold weather won’t affect them because the batteries of drones are insulated. Plus, once the drones start to work, you will not need to provide warmth for it because it can generate its own.